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The Bride Sings Mustang Sally ; part 1

The Bride Sings Mustang Sally ; part 2

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Wedding Stills

Another successful wedding reception!

Perfect isnít even the best word to describe the Janitors. They were without a doubt the best band ever! I always knew that it wouldnít be the food or the flowers that made the reception, it would be the music, and they made it and then some. They are the one topic that everyone canít stop talking about. Every single person danced until the last possible moment. I donít think my friends or I have ever danced as much as we did that night. They sounded fantastic and were the perfect band for a perfect night! They are now at the top of everything bands they want to have at their wedding list! Thanks for all youíve done. .....Jenny, Sterling VA

The Janitors Crew,
        Chris and I wanted to extend our greatest gratitude for you making our wedding so special.  You all exceeded our expectations beyond belief.  You all are honestly the best band we have ever heard at a wedding.  We also believe you are one of the most fun and entertaining bands we have ever enjoyed together!!  From your excellent song choices to your great personalities, you all are truely unforgettable.  As you could most likely tell, every single guest was engaged in all of your songs and having a blast!  Especially the bridesmaids and groomsmen!! I wish there was a way for us to express how happy, thankful, and proud we are to have had you as a part of our special day.  We will have VERY high recommendations for you all to anyone and anywhere!  We will be looking for you all in our area and will be sure to enjoy you all again!  Going to see you all as our anniversary treat each year would be nice!!!!!
Thank you SO much,
Kimberly & Chris Holcomb


The Janitors are more than just a band they are a show! Fueled by frontman Danny "Danno" Morgan's enthusiastic Footwork, Dave Kirkman's funky drums, Alton Smith's solid bass lines ,new addition Dale Leftwich's tasteful guitar work and vocals and Randy Melton on Keyboards, they emit an energy level and sonic fullness that rivals larger bands. Simply put,

 they demand an audiences' attention. Serving the entire Mid-Atlantic region (Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania) Their tight blend of Oldies, Rhythm & Blues, 60's Soul, 70's Funk, Disco, Classic rock, Cajun and current Top 40 Dance keep people of all ages dancing from the first note 'til the last (special requests with 4 week notice, click here). Also, with top notch production and a full light show they can accommodate small, intimate rooms or the largest banquet hall at any volume, loud or whisper soft. With a variety of hats, mop buckets and garbage cans (they ARE the Janitors, after all ) they can guarantee your reception will be the most talked about event of the season.

Now, with their self-titled debut release, they're ready for the rest of the world. With 9 original songs (and 2 cover tunes), this CD is radio-ready. Recorded at Daily Planet studios with Mixmaster Stacy Heyden, mastered by Mix magazines' award winning Jonathan Wyner, horns and keys by Jeff Snyder, organist Charles Stanley of Apollo Theater fame and top notch graphic design by Patty McBride and photographer extraordinaire Tammy Potter both of B,C,F & M advertising agency. Whew !! What else do you want?

The Janitors originally formed in the fall of 1982. Then based at Virginia Tech, they played clubs and special events throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina until October 1985. During that time the band became enormously popular, frequently being sought out for larger and larger shows. Re-formed in 1988,and now based in Virginia Beach, the group has expanded it's region to include the entire East Coast and has developed into one of the most sought after groups in the region. With the same energy as ever, an expanded song list, a new CD in stores now and Danny Morgan out front, this group guarantees a good time for all.

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