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January 2020
      1-   3-HK On The Bay Va Beach 10PM 4-Great American Ranch Richmond Va 9PM
5-         10-Big Woody's Va Beach 8:30PM 11-Froggies Va Beach 9PM
12-     15-South Beach Grill Va Beach 8:30PM      
19-         24-Stuft Hampton 8:30PM 25-South Beach Grill Va Beach 9PM
26-         31-Old Beach Tavern Va Beach 7:30PM  
February 2020
2-         7-Uptown Alley Richmond 9PM 8-Cowboys Sports Grill 7:30PM
9-           15-ACCA Temple Shriners Valentines Day Dance 7:30PM
16-     19-South Beach Grill Va Beach 8:30PM   21-Big Woody's Va Beach 8:30PM